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Terms and Conditions

Free Signup
An application for a webcam on webcam 4insiders.com is free. There are no hidden fees to be feard. The portal is financed through advertising revenues.

Usage of pictures
The webcam-owner delivers the webcam-pictures for free. With the registration, the owner authorizes webcam-4insiders.com to copy the images to save and use for marketing or other services. The registration of a webcam is free. There are neither the webcam-4insiders.com nor by the declarant financial claims in any way nor can such be made.

Picture Storage
The webcam 4insiders.com website is a portal that receives Internet Webcams, copied the images or content and archived for a period of time. The images are processed and presented in an appealing form on our website. The origin of the images is indicated by a description and a link to the original page.

The webcam operator may without notice cancel the registration. The data will be deleted as soon as possible (usually a maximum of 7 working days).

Additional Services
Service not included as advertising, long-term archival storage or frequent webcam images are marked as such and be brought up only with a specific contractual agreement, and after a cash advance.

Linked third party sites, such as origin or advertising pages are not under the control of the webcam-4insider.com is not responsible for the content and services on these linked pages.
Webcam 4insiders.com and the services offered through the site services are provided without any representation as to the availability and quality. The webcam 4insiders.com can accept no responsibility for the topicality, correctness, completeness or quality of information provided. The webcam 4insiders.com is not liable for any damages that are caused by delayed availability, faulty functionality or by incorrect or incomplete information. The liability of the webcam 4insiders.com for direct, indirect and consequential damage is excluded entirely.

Changes of Terms
The webcam 4insiders.com reserves the right to change these Terms at any time without giving reasons. The amendment shall enter with their publication on webcam-4insiders.com into force.

Changes website
Webcam 4insiders.com reserves the right to change parts of the site or the entire offer without prior notice, add to, delete or the publication temporarily or permanently.

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