Top 20 Webcams

Top 20 Webcams

weather Webcam Iesolo (Adria)

Webcam Iesolo
Jesolo was a tourist destination since the 19th century. After a wartime interruption sat around 1930 on a rebound in tourism. The first bathing establishment was opened near the Piazza Marconi. From 1920 onwards, numerous villas and hotels were built. In the 60s, major hotels were always portrayed in Jesolo. The current building campaign called Jesolo City Beach. Follow the weather in Jesolo on our Weather Webcam!
weather Webcam Göschenen (Verkehr Gotthardtunnel)

Webcam Göschenen
Weather Webcam Gotthard Tunnel (Göschenen): Track time-lapse weather Webcam live weather Gotthard tunnel. Traffic and jam message. The Gotthard road tunnel is 16.9 kilometers long is the third longest road tunnel in the world and the longest road tunnel in the Alps. The Gotthard tunnel is part of the Swiss national highway A2 from Basel to Chiasso and connects Göschenen in the canton of Uri with Airolo in the canton of Ticino. The constructi...

weather Webcam Poreč (Istria)

Webcam Poreč
Weather Webcam Porec (Center): Track time-lapse weather Webcam live weather Porec. The Croatian town of Porec is located on the western coast of the Istrian peninsula. The best known tourist spot of Porec is probably the Euphrasiana and the surrounding complex of church buildings. The Trg Marafor, originally from the Roman times the Roman Forum was called, is a small square with roman ruins temple. These original Roman paving remained in Porec an...
weather Webcam (TESSIN)

This Live Weather Webcam is located in Locarno in Ticino in Switzerland. The images of weather Webcam Locarno show the view of the city. The town of Locarno is located on the north shore of Lake Maggiore, on the eastern edge of the Maggia Delta. Is Locarno Monti and Orselina nestled on the hillside above the town. Ticino is the land of the Latins: The Romans brought the vine to Ticino, and left important civic buildings (towns, bridges, mountain ...

weather Webcam Lauterbrunnen (Bernese Oberland)

Webcam Lauterbrunnen
Lauterbrunnen is in the Lauterbrunnen Valley and comprises the villages Lauterbrunnen, Wengen, Mürren, Gimmelwald, Stechelberg and Isenfluh. The inhabitants of Lauterbrunnen is less than that of Wengen, but higher than that of the other four communities. The total area of 164.5 km² Lauterbrunnen is. The lowest point of the municipality lies at 728 m above sea level and the highest at 4158 m above sea level Lauterbrunnen is traversed by the W...
weather Webcam Kloten

Webcam Kloten
The village Kloten first for newly created District Bassersdorf 1803 / '31 to then District Bülach. On September 2, 1839 was held in advance of Züriputschs to the community Kloten a public meeting place. 1872 civil parish Geerlisberg was disbanded in 1922 those of the village Kloten; In 1927, the connection of previously belonging to Oberembrach Weiler Bänikon and Eigenthal. With the opening of the National Railway Winterthur-Wettingen The ...
weather Webcam Caorle

Webcam Caorle
Caorle is a city in the province of Venice km² with an area of 151. This area Caorle is one of the largest in terms of area communities in Northern Italy. Caorle is located at the foot of the river Livenza, which flows directly into the northern Italian Adriatic. The city of Caorle is often called "Little Venice". This title comes from Caorle its narrow streets, its bell towers and painted with typical Venetian colors worldwide.
weather Webcam Kleine Scheidegg (Bernese Oberland, Grindelwald, Jungfrau Region)

Webcam Kleine Scheidegg
Weather Webcam Kleine Scheidegg, Grindelwald. The Kleine Scheidegg is the pass (2061 meters above sea level. M.) between the Eiger and Lauberhorn in the Bernese Oberland. The Kleine Scheidegg connects Grindelwald Lauterbrunnen. On the Kleine Scheidegg there are hotels and train stations of the two webs Wengernalpbahn and Jungfrau Railway. The Wengernalpbahn leads from Lauterbrunnen and Wengen via Kleine Scheidegg to Grindelwald, Jungfrau Railway ...
weather Webcam Hvar

Webcam Hvar
Hvar is a Croatian island in the Adriatic Sea off the Dalmatian coast, Dalmatia. The elongated island of Hvar is the fourth largest of the Adriatic islands. The island of Hvar has a length of 67.5 km and a maximum width of 10.6 Km Hvar has a mild Mediterranean climate. The entire Hvar is with tourists, especially in the summer months, very popular. In addition to tourism and self-sufficient agriculture, the cultivation of lavender and the manufac...
weather Webcam Nerja (Malaga)

Webcam Nerja
Weather Webcam Burriana Beach Nerja Malaga: Verfolgen Sie mit der Zeitraffer-Weather Webcam das Live Wetter-Burriana Beach Nerja Malaga. Situated on Nerjas finest beach, Burriana Beach this webcam is from the offices of Nerjas largest Estate Agent, Nerjamar. Enjoy a fine Spanish sunset or check out parking in the area. Nerja ist eine Gemeinde und Stadt in Spanien Nerja liegt in Andalusien, in der Provinz Málaga an der Costa del Sol.
weather Webcam Venice

Webcam Venice
The Republic of Venice became the largest financial center and dominated a colonial empire from northern Italy to Crete to Cyprus. According to French and Austrian rule from 1798 to 1866 Venice became part of Italy. In the years 1965 to 1970, the city of Venice reached 370,000 inhabitants, the largest population, which has since fallen by about 100,000 people.
weather Webcam Zakynthos (Zakynthos)

Webcam Zakinthos
Welcome to the cam on Zakynthos Greece, the cam is in the midst of the nature reserve Marathia- the "House Marathia" overlooking the new Marine Park of Zakynthos and the Turtle Island "Marathonissi", where every year from May to September, the turtles "Caretta caretta" come to lay their eggs, please keep strictly to the instructions of the WWF staff on the island. Marathia is rich with ancient olive trees where the olive oil from House ...
weather Webcam Grado

Webcam Grado
Grado offers a variety of sports. There is an 18-hole golf course and a tennis club. Since Grado is by the sea, Grado is also a city with many water sports. Grado has partnerships with the Austrian municipalities Feistritzsattel Knittelfeld and Sankt Lorenzen bei Knittelfeld. The friendship between the communities date back to 1989. Annually bring Feistritzsattel and St. Lorenzen a Christmas tree to Grado, which the basilica Sant'Eufemia decor...

Webcam Visp
weather Webcam Erlach (Bielersee)

Webcam Erlach
Weather Webcam Erlach (shipyard Faul Erlach): Track time-lapse weather Webcam live weather Erlach. Erlach is a municipality and the capital of the eponymous administrative district in the canton of Bern in Switzerland. The small town of Erlach lies on the shore of Lake Biel at 433 m above sea level In the municipality is the Jolimont, a 603 m high hill, from where you have a view of Lake Biel. The St. Petersinselist of Erlach on foot and by bicyc...
weather Webcam Visp

Webcam Visp
weather Webcam Iesolo (Adria)

Webcam Iesolo
Jesolo's economic base is tourism. In its heyday, Jesolo had up to six million visitors per year, in recent years this number decreased annually to approximately four to five million. Along the south side of the lagoon there are numerous campsites and hotels in all price ranges. Follow the weather in Jesolo Jesolo on our weather Webcam!
weather Webcam Palma De Mallorca (Majorca)

Webcam Palma De Mallorca
Weather Webcam Playa de Palma (Beach): Track time-lapse weather Webcam live weather Playa de Palma. The name refers to the Playa de Palma about 6 km long beach on the south coast of Mallorca, which runs in the Bay of Palma Can Pastilla up to S \ 'Arenal in the east and the town of Playa del Pama adjacent to this beach. Characteristic of the Playa de Palma on the beach in distributed unequally spaced 15 numbered beach bars that serve alongside the...