Top 20 Webcams

Top 20 Webcams

weather Webcam Münsingen

Webcam Münsingen
weather Münsingen

Webcam Münsingen

weather Webcam Zakynthos (Zakynthos)

Webcam Zakinthos
Welcome to the cam on Zakynthos Greece, the cam is in the midst of the nature reserve Marathia- the "House Marathia" overlooking the new Marine Park of Zakynthos and the Turtle Island "Marathonissi", where every year from May to September, the turtles "Caretta caretta" come to lay their eggs, please keep strictly to the instructions of the WWF staff on the island. Marathia is rich with ancient olive trees where the olive oil from House ...
weather Webcam Erlach (Bielersee)

Webcam Erlach
Weather Webcam Erlach (shipyard Faul Erlach): Track time-lapse weather Webcam live weather Erlach. Erlach is a municipality and the capital of the eponymous administrative district in the canton of Bern in Switzerland. The small town of Erlach lies on the shore of Lake Biel at 433 m above sea level In the municipality is the Jolimont, a 603 m high hill, from where you have a view of Lake Biel. The St. Petersinselist of Erlach on foot and by bicyc...

weather Webcam Iesolo (Adria, Venedig)

Webcam Iesolo
Jesolo was a tourist destination since the 19th century. After a wartime interruption sat around 1930 on a rebound in tourism. The first bathing establishment was opened near the Piazza Marconi. From 1920 onwards, numerous villas and hotels were built. In the 60s, major hotels were always portrayed in Jesolo. The current building campaign called Jesolo City Beach. Follow the weather in Jesolo on our Weather Webcam!
weather Webcam Magdeburg

Webcam Magdeburg
Magdeburg is the capital of Saxony-Anhalt, Germany. Magdeburg is the second largest city and one of the three main centers of Saxony-Anhalt. Learn about the current weather in Magdeburg with our weather webcams! Weather Webcam Magdeburg: Keep up with the time-lapse weather Webcam live weather Magdeburg. Magdeburg is the capital of the federal state of Saxony-Anhalt. For centuries, the same is true for the inland waterways, the main north-south...
weather Webcam Bern

Webcam Bern
Weather Webcam Bern: Keep up with the time-lapse weather Webcam live weather Bern. Information on the 4 restaurants of Ch. Gfeller + Co. Gfeller on Baerenplatz / Chez Edy / La Pizzeria / Imperial China The Baerenplatz is a centrally located place in the city of Bern. He empties in the northwest in the hospital alley, in the north of the capitol city, in the north-east in the market street, in the southeast in the Amthausgasse, in the south to t...
weather Webcam Robin Hoods Bay

Webcam Robin Hoods Bay Weather Webcam Robin Hood's Bay. Robin Hood's Bay is a small fishing town on the British North Sea coast in the south of the town of Whitby. Want to know how the weather today in Robin Hood's Bay is? See the photos of today's Live Weather Webcam in Robin Hood's Bay.
weather Webcam Vrsar

Webcam Vrsar
Vrsar is a town in Istria, Croatia. Vrsar is situated at the entrance of the Limfjord, between Porec and Rovinj. The town of Vrsar in the character of a Mediterranean fishing village has received. Starting from the port of Vrsar, the buildings rising up a terraced hillside and will conclude in a church with a separate bell tower standing 54 meters in height. Find out the weather with our weather Weather Webcam Vrsar.
weather Webcam Prague

Webcam Prague
Prague's mild climate is influenced by both Atlantic and continental side. The mean annual temperature of Prague is around 8 ° C, minus values in winter reached in 2006 up to -17 ° C, plus values in summer to 35 ° C. Most precipitation falls in Prague during the summer months (Mai: 77 mm), the winter season is relatively dry (October to March: 23 to 32 mm). Weather Webcam Prague.
weather Webcam Bibione (Adria)

Webcam Bibione
Bibione is a district of San Michele al Tagliamento. Bibione is a famous tourist destination. Especially in the summer there are many tourists to Bibione. In Bibione there are numerous restaurants and bars. Find out more. About the current weather in Bibione with our Weather Webcams.
weather Webcam Prague

Webcam Praha
Weather Webcam Prague. This Live Weather Webcam is located in Prague in the Czech Republic. The live weather webcam shows the Vltava River, Prague Castle and Charles Bridge. Prague on the Vltava River Prague Castle and Charles Bridge. Prague is the capital of the Czech Republic. At the same time, Prague is an independent administrative unit. Do you want to know how the weather is today in Prague in the Czech Republic? Take a look to Prague in the...
weather Webcam Axalp (Bernese Oberland, Brienzersee)

Webcam Axalp
The Axalp lies at an altitude of about 1535 m above sea level in the town of Brienz in the district of Interlaken and the post bus or car in 35 minutes from Brienz to achieve. On the Axalp takes place annually the Flight demonstration Axalp. It is an air show of the Swiss Air Force on the shooting range Axalp-Ebenfluh above the Axalp in Brienz. You will usually held annually in October.
weather Webcam Stelvio (Stilfser Joch)

Webcam Stelvio
The Stelvio Passo dello Stelvio is 2757 m, the highest pass in Italy and the Col de l'Iseran the second-highest paved mountain pass in the Alps. The Stelvio Pass connects Bormio in Valtellina, Lombardy, with Prad in the Vinschgau, South Tyrol. On the west side leads to a 2503 m over the coming Umbrailpass the road from Santa Maria. Also on this page you will pass through somewhat below several short tunnel. At the eastern ramp can be branched off...
weather Webcam Zakynthos (Zakynthos)

Webcam Zakinthos
Weather Webcam Zakynthos. This live weather webcam is located on the island of Zakynthos in Greece. The live weather webcam shows the house Marathia. Zakynthos belongs to the Ionian islands in the Ionian Sea and is a popular resort. Zakynthos was many centuries ruled by the Venetians, who named the island "Fior di Levante". The inhabitants call Zakynthos lovingly "Zante". In the international tourism Zakynthos is primarily known as a bathing para...
weather Webcam Grado

Webcam Grado
The town of Grado, on the northern coast of the Adriatic Sea on a coastal dune at the extreme end of the Gulf of Venice. The place has Grado beside the island, on which the town of Grado, is a lagoon. The approximately 12,000-hectare Laguna di Grado is located east of the Marano Lagoon. Take a look to Grado via our Weather Webcams!
weather Webcam Remscheid

Webcam Remscheid
Remscheid is a city in the district of Dusseldorf in North Rhine-Westphalia. Remscheid is a part of the Rhine-Ruhr and the Bergisch city triangle. The inhabitants of Remscheid passed before the Second World War, the limit of 100,000 inhabitants, making it became a city. Follow the weather in Remscheid on our weather Webcam Remscheid!
weather Webcam Sylt-Ost (Sylt)

Webcam Sylt-Ost
Weather Webcam Sylt. This Live Weather Webcam is located in Sylt in Germany. The live weather webcam Sylt Sylt shows the harbor ferry. Sylt is the largest North Frisian Islands in the district of North Friesland Schleswig-Holstein Germany. It extends north to south from the North Sea coast of Schleswig-Holstein. Well known is the northernmost German island especially for their significant tourist resorts Westerland, Kampen and Westerland and for ...