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weather Webcam Cham
Webcam Cham
The area was inhabited by Cham more than 6000 years ago. 858 Louis the German gave the court Chama Fraumünster Abbey Zurich. 1360 Cham got city rights. In the 18th century industrialization and the number of inhabitants of Cham rose gradually unt...
Brocken Bahnhof Webcam Zug (Zugersee)
Webcam Zug
Weather Webcam train. This Weather Webcam is located in train Edlibach in Canton train and offers a view of Lake Zug. The Kyburg train is characterized by its distinctive buildings from the late Gothic period, emblem of the historic center around the...
weather Webcam Zugerberg
Webcam Zugerberg
The Zugerberg is a mountain ridge in the Swiss canton train with a maximum height of 1,039 meters above sea level, the highest point named Hünggigütsch. The place Zugerbergbahn on the eastern shore of Lake Zug, west of the Lorzen- and Hüritals. Zu...
weather Webcam Zug (Zugersee)
Webcam Zug
Situated in a convenient train on the railway lines Zurich-Lucerne and Zurich-Gotthard. The 52 M high in the Old City of train Zytturm is the landmark of the city train. The city train has some smaller museums such as the Africa Museum, the Museum of...
weather Webcam Zug (Zugersee)
Webcam Zug
Train is located at 425 meters above sea level on Lake Zug, nestled between the northeastern shore of Lake Zug and the foot and the lower western slopes of the Zugerberg, in central Switzerland, the Swiss plateau. Train located 23 km south of Zurich.
weather Webcam Unterägeri
Webcam Unterägeri
Weather Webcam Unteraegeri. This Live Weather Webcam is located in Unteraegeri at the western end of the Aegerisee Canton train. If it's foggy and cloudy in many areas, you can rely on our 730 m asl fill in Unteraegeri sun. Our valley is centrally lo...