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weather Webcam Venice
Webcam Venice
The Republic of Venice became the largest financial center and dominated a colonial empire from northern Italy to Crete to Cyprus. According to French and Austrian rule from 1798 to 1866 Venice became part of Italy. In the years 1965 to 1970, the cit...
weather Webcam Iesolo (Adria, Venedig)
Webcam Iesolo
Jesolo was a tourist destination since the 19th century. After a wartime interruption sat around 1930 on a rebound in tourism. The first bathing establishment was opened near the Piazza Marconi. From 1920 onwards, numerous villas and hotels were buil...
weather Webcam Caorle
Webcam Caorle
Caorle is a city in the province of Venice km² with an area of 151. This area Caorle is one of the largest in terms of area communities in Northern Italy. Caorle is located at the foot of the river Livenza, which flows directly into the northern Ita...
weather Webcam Bibione (Adria)
Webcam Bibione
Bibione is a district of San Michele al Tagliamento. Bibione is a famous tourist destination. Especially in the summer there are many tourists to Bibione. In Bibione there are numerous restaurants and bars. Find out more. About the current weather in...
weather Webcam Iesolo (Adria)
Webcam Iesolo
Jesolo's economic base is tourism. In its heyday, Jesolo had up to six million visitors per year, in recent years this number decreased annually to approximately four to five million. Along the south side of the lagoon there are numerous campsites an...
weather Webcam Venice
Webcam Venice
Venice is on the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites since 1987. Venice has often worked on inspiring artists, and Venice was one of the most visited cities by tourists. For a century, the economic structure of the historic city of Venice is biased t...