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weather Webcam Svolvær
Webcam Svolvær
Live webcam from Svolvær harbour in the beautiful islands of Lofoten. For live view visit:
weather Webcam Geiranger
Webcam Geiranger
The Geirangerfjord is one of the most famous Norwegian fjords and heard since 14 July 2005 on the UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is located about 200 km northeast of Bergen and about 280 km north-west of Oslo. The Geirangerfjord is 15 km long and 0....
weather Webcam Oslo
Webcam Oslo
Weather Webcam Oslo. The Oslo Weather webcam shows the port. Oslo used to be called Christiania (1624-1924), and is the capital of Norway. Oslo has 565,000 inhabitants. A total of about 1.4 million people live in the Oslo area. The city of Oslo const...
weather Webcam Tromsø (Hurtigruten)
Webcam Tromsø
Tromsø has several attractions, these are mostly related to the subpolar location of the city. While the experience center Polaria informed of the polar region and the Barents Sea, the visitor can inform the Polar Museum famous polar expeditions. Th...
weather Webcam Oslo
Webcam Oslo
Oslo is the capital of Norway and has approximately 625,000 inhabitants. The total population in the greater Oslo million people around 2. Oslo has a highly-wrought Mediterranean climate, characterized by relatively mild winters. The summers in O...
weather Webcam Trondheim (Hurtigruten)
Webcam Trondheim
Trondheim is situated at the mouth of the River Nidelv in the Trondheim fjord, about 70 kilometers away from the open sea. In addition, Trondheim is the name of the municipality, in addition to the actual city area also includes the surrounding villa...