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weather Webcam Matera
Webcam Matera
Matera is a town in the southern Italian region of Basilicata and the capital of the province of Matera. The town of Matera's seat of an archbishop. Matera is the city known for its Old Town, some of cave dwellings, is the Sassi. Learn about the curr...
weather Webcam Marsico Nuovo
Webcam Marsico Nuovo
Marsico Nuovo is a city in the province of Potenza in Basilicata, Italy. Marsico Nuovo is above the valley of the river Agri. The place Marsico Nuovo located 46 km south of Potenza in the Valley of Agri. The inhabitants of Marsico Nuovo live almost e...
Webcam Potenza
Webcam Potenza
Webcam Melfi
Webcam Melfi
weather Melfi
Webcam Melfi
weather Webcam Lagonegro
Webcam Lagonegro
Lagonegro is a municipality in the province of Potenza in Basilicata, Italy. Neighboring towns of Lagonegro are Casalbuono (SA), Casaletto Spartano (SA), Lauria, Moliterno, Montesano sulla Marcellana (SA), and Nemoli Rivello. Learn about the current ...